Frontend developer (ReactJS or VueJS or Angular) [USD]


Our client is a software company that provides services to many industries, including financial services, insurance, banking, software development, and others. They are headquartered in Atlanta, USA and having branch offices at Canada, Argentina and India.


The selected candidate will work on a system that lets non-technical users build and deploy evented workflows around complex analytics by consuming data from their business systems of record and delivering the results into tools they're already using. Some of their customers are using thir system to alert sales owners when revenue is dipping or when a customer is experiencing an outage.


They are seeking Frontend Developers with experience in ReactJS or VueJS or Angular (willing to work with VueJS) to develop and deploy modern front-end applications.



  • Upper-Int or Advanced English Level
  • +3 years' exp. using Reactjs or Vuejs or Angular
  • +2 years' exp. using TypeScript
  • +1 years' exp. with Python (nice to have, specially using the Django ORM).
  • Strong command of HTML, CSS, and other core web technologies.
  • Experience with REST and GraphQL to communicate with backend systems.
  • Experience using git and github
  • Curiosity and empathy
  • The candidate will start working PT, then can move to local time
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in English


Nice to have:

  • Experience using and customizing webpack to deploy Jamstack bundles using S3 and Cloudfront
  • ViteJS
  • Experience working with database systems and ORMs.
  • Some experience with Postgresql, Redshift, or Snowflake.
  • Experience with cypress for automated browser testing.


Tech Stack:

  • Python 3, Django 3.2+, sqlalchemy
  • React / Gatsby, Apollo
  • Vue3 / ViteJS
  • S3 / Cloudfront
  • Github
  • Slack
  • Zoom


Place of work: Remote from LatAm

Time Zone: EST (with some flexiblity)

Contract Type: Full time - Contractor.

Selection process:
1) Technical Interview (60 min)
2) HR Interview (30')
3) Technical Interview with cliente (60 min)

Pago en USD


  • USD payment.
  • 7 personal days off a year (paid)


Fecha Publicación: 27-07-2022





(54 9 11) 5324-4284